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Under his namesake line, Stephin Lalan creates outstanding fashion with the most stunning silhouettes, drapes, and falls. The label "Stephin Lalan'' features bold colour blocks, monochromatic flowy silhouettes, and easy-to-wear styles suitable for men and women of all sizes.

Cut and tailored to perfection, each piece is a statement that exudes aestheticism, functionality, and a cool, contemporary vibe.


Stephin Lalan’s eclectic design aesthetic stems from the plurality of his immersive cultural exposure, spanning Europe, the Middle East and India . Raised in Dubai, his initial brush with design came to the fore as he returned to his homeland. What started as a spark led him to follow his true calling, fashion, the industry where he set off to create a niche for himself. His zeal and passion was imminent through his academic pursuits and the influences that inspired him continued to set him apart as a designer and an artist. A graduate from Vogue Institute of Fashion Design in Bangalore, Stephin’s diverse experiences and his pursuits in the industry were instrumental in laying the groundwork for his label.

From his early days, his passion for designing sarees for the modern Indian woman was imminent, which thereafter became a flair that he honed. Fashion for Stephin, is fluid and definitive, a movement that is liberating and empowering in equal measure. In 2020, he launched his maiden collection “BOHEMIAN CASCADES ”, that made a statement in redefining fashion for everyone. Following the success of his first collection, Stephin proceeded to design his “ SUPERNOVA “ collection which was a landmark in breaking the mould and establishing his creative genius . Stephin’s design and aesthetic inclinations stem from his rich experiences that beautifully blend fashion with purpose, making it inclusive and versatile.

Photo of Mr. Stephin Lalan.
Black & white transparent logo of Stephin Lalan
STEPHIN LALAN’s eponymous label evokes the imagery of diverse cultures and their characteristic aesthetics that come together to create wearable, breathable art. A confluence of culture and creativity, the label is reflective of fashion that blends functionality with comfort. Distinctive, breezy silhouettes, vivid colour blocking and artistic motifs complement his ready-to-wear line.
Rooted in the ethos of creating season agnostic fashion, the label displays versatile apparel that seamlessly transitions from day to night and can be styled through the year. Tracing concepts from western schools of design and thought, his namesake brand translates modern sensibilities to Indian traditions, giving birth to outfits that are consciously designed for the new contemporary India. Pushing boundaries of fashion, the STEPHIN LALAN label mirrors the heterogeneity of trends traversing global and Indian terrains. Embodying the spirit and dynamism of Modern world, his label is a constant reflection of individualism that elevates everyone’s style.
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